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Remove block diagrams for source-only VIs in Source Distributions

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Hello everyone,

I've got a situation with source distributions: I want to export the sources of a project, but some of the VIs should not include their block diagrams. (But they do :()

This is what I tried:
Create a new Source Distribution and under Source Files add all top-level VIs to Always Included. Next in the Source File Settings select certain folders and check the 'Remove block diagram' option (under Additional Exclusions the checkbox for 'Remove compiled code' must not be checked).

When I build the distribution and open one of the VIs, which are marked as to remove the block diagram btw, it still has it!

I already found out that this is related to all my VIs having their compiled code separated (to keep source control clean, you know...). So in order to archive what I want, I would have to disable that option, let all VIs recompile, build the distribution, enable it again, and let all VIs recompile again to keep my commits clean...



What am I doing wrong here?
Does anybody know a cleaner way to do this?

I'm still stuck with LV2011 btw

Thanks for the support.


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Okay, I finally found a solution:


A second project had no issues, even though it is basically a copy with a few alterations. After a stroke of genius :P clearing the compiled object cache for the application builder solved the problem. Now everything is fine again.


I hope this helps anyone who stumbles over the same issue.

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