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[Article]How to Downgrade DataSocket Server


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How to Downgrade DataSocket Server (DSS) to 4.0

  • Download LabVIEW Run-Time (LVRT) Engine 6.1 Installer
  • Delete the Datasocket folder in Program Files/National Instruments (! this is very important !).
  • Now run the LVRT 6.1 installer and allow it to do a default install.
  • Run the DataSocket Server file cwdss.exe in Program Files/National Instruments/Datasocket and wait for it to initialise and open.
  • Click on the DSS menu Help/About Datasocket Server and verify that the version displayed on the About panel indicates 4.0

The reason for downgrading the version of DSS is that LV code running in v6.1 had issues with communicating with a later version of DSS, specifically the one shipped with LV 8.6.1.

Initially the comms starts off working fine but eventually the DataSocket Server hangs and crashes LabVIEW.

Click here to view the article

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