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Splitter Bars, Multiple Panes, and UX


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I am working with a multi-pane user interface and splitter bars.  One of the pain points is the creation of controls and indicators from the block diagram.  My primary pane has a single indicator that is sized to fill the entire pane.  I have a lower "toolbar" of buttons on the 2nd pane.


Whenever I create a control or indicator from the block diagram, I always have to go searching for where it was created on the front panel.  It usually ends up at some random point in space but on the 1st pane.


This process created a few questions that I was curious of:


1. What determines the position a front panel control/indicator is placed when it is created from the block diagram?

2. Is there an easy way to configure which pane these will appear on before creation?

3. Is there an easy way to change the pane a control or indicator is placed on rather than dragging and dropping?


Looking forward to your responses!

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Yeah I have had a similar experience.  If you have multiple panes I believe new controls are always place in Pane 1.  The position of the control appears to be (0,0) if the origin of the pane is (0,0).  But as you move it around, which can happen when setting controls to fit to pane, their position is less predictable.  I usually create the control, double click it, then use Shift Arrows to bring it into the viewable area of Pane 1, then drag it to the pane I want.  It is a pain working with panes.  


I know of no work arounds, and because of this I will usually work in reverse, making the control I want, placing it where I want, then go to the block diagram and move it where I want.

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