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immediate segfault of LV2014 if VPN

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On my laptop, I just discovered that LV2014 (but not 2011SP1 or 2013) segfaults at launch, even before the splash, if I connect to my institute via VPN, while it works and worked all the time if I'm just linked to WAN. Haven't seen that before, I wonder if it has anything to do with a latest ubuntu update.

Any idea why that would happen?

$ labview &
[3] 7297
[1]   Done                    labview
LabVIEW caught fatal signal
14.0 - Received SIGSEGV
Reason: address not mapped to object
Attempt to reference address: 0x(nil)

[3]+  Segmentation fault      (core dumped) labview

with ddd I see an uninformative backtrace:



ETA: just upgraded to 14.0.1 (spring 2015) and the problem vanished....

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This also happens to me. It happens when the VPN is active.

I am using Ubuntu though I know Ubuntu is not officially supported by NI.

It will be interesting to know if this also happens with Redhat Linux.

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Since the day I upgraded I haven't seen the problem any further, so perhaps that would be your best option too. It is ubuntu 14.04 here.

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