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[CR] Tab into cluster contents

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Name: Tab into cluster contents

Submitter: Christoph Deus

Submitted: 04 Aug 2015

Category: *Uncertified*

LabVIEW Version: Not Applicable

License Type: BSD (Most common)

Copyright 2015, Merecs Engineering GmbH&Co. KG

All rights reserved.


Christoph Deus


This code has been tested to run under LabVIEW 2014.


- Enables Tabbing into and out of Cluster-Controls

- Also works with Clusters on Tab-Controls


If you have any problems with this code or want to suggest features, please let me know or post to the LAVA forum.

Version History:


Initial release of the code.

Click here to download this file

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Did you mean to post the code as a .vlibp?  Do you realize this removes the BD and makes the code only executable in that version of LabVIEW and no other?  At the moment this means only those with LabVIEW 2014 can run this VI.  On top of that the community might be curious about the implementation, and fixing any limitations or bugs but can't without the source.


VIs seem to be lacking documentation.  Which also makes me not sure what the difference is between the new and "Old" versions.


Do you intend on supporting tabbing into the element of an array control?


I also saw a strange bug where if you skip tabbing into a tab control, it sometimes won't let me tab out of it.  A VI is attached which shows this issue.


Still it is a very neat feature, and hope it can be improved so others can use it.

Tab Out of Tab Bug.vi

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