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Anyone else interested in low-level VI editing? I found some helpful stuff.

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The Load and Save resources is a relatively well known function, and was recently discussed in a thread where a user was looking for a way to detect if a block diagram existed, when looking at the VI contents within an EXE.




In that case the detection method was to look for the BDHb, BDHx, BDHc, or BDHP blocks.  My method in that VI was to parse the binary file itself pulling out the block.  I posted that code, or similar code in a thread, with you some time last year.


The Ned window and XML is a little less known, for several reasons.  I discovered it myself by going through the list of keyboard shortcuts.  I read up about the heap peak window (CTRL+SHIFT+D, CTRL+SHIFT+H), then I saw there was a window command (CTRL+SHIFT+D, CTRL+SHIFT+W).  I figured this meant Debug, and Window and Debug and Heap Peak, so I went through the whole keyboard looking for new shortcuts, low and behold D, N was the ned window.


As you can imagine saving in XML is an incomplete function.  It might work for simple VIs, but I'm guessing not all VI types are supported.  Things like VIs in libraries, ability VIs, and other things might not be supported.  When I talk to other LabVIEW guru's and I want to blow their mind with features that they didn't know existed in LabVIEW, talking about VI password protection, and saving in XML are the topics I usually go to.  Now that more people know about these things I need to continue to research other topics.


That being said you did teach me something new today, and that is the ability to set and get Ned settings using VI Server, that is some very cool stuff and could come in handy.

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Okay, now I have something a bit lot better for you. I made a GUI that lets you edit resources. Plus it can automatically load VI's as XML. And you know what else? It even fixes that checksum. (Turns out Thomas Zeugner, the VI Explorer guy, already figured it out, and posted a description on his website.)


I've posted it here.

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