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John Lokanis

Install a LabVIEW application for all users of a system

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I need to build an installer for my EXE so that it gets installed for all users of the target machine.  This includes users who have yet to setup an account on the machine.

I see how I can create an shortcut on the 'All Users Desktop' but I cannot see how to also have a shortcut appear on the start menu for all users.

I am trying to install my app on a Windows Terminal Server (aka Windows Remote Desktop Server) so any user can log in and have access to my application.


Is this even possible with the installers LabVIEW is capable of building?





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The all users start menu on Windows 7 is in this folder:


C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu


If you open the start menu, then right click All Programs, you get a menu for opening this folder.  I've never had to do this but can an NI installer make a shortcut in this place?

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