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    • By torekp
      So I created a DLL from a Labview VI that has a 2D array input (and some scalar inputs) and some 2D array outputs.  Labview creates a .h file with these lines

      And then it defines the 2D array arguments to my function as being of this type: "void __cdecl Linear_discrim_4dll(DoubleArray *dataObsFeat, int32_t grpAsz," etc etc.  Trouble is, I have no idea how to fill out this structure so that the DLL can use it.  Say for simplicity I had a 2 by 3 input called dataObsFeat with elements {1,2,3; 11,12,13}; how would I create the object with these values in C or C++ and pass it to the function?  I am a total C++ noob, in case it isn't obvious.
    • By Grey
      I'm having a excel database with me. The excel sheet contains different data types.
      Column A consists of seriall Number (Integer), Column B consists of instrument description (Strings), Column C consists of model Number (Number with special characters), Column D consists of instrument Calibration date (Date), Column E consists of instrument Calibration due date and so on......
      What i want to do is that i need to extract the excel sheet's content in to 2D array.
      And using array functions i want to compare the date and accordingly i want to do some calibration alert system.
      the questions is how i can make a 2D array from a excel sheet consists of different data types?
      any help?
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