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Can I use RAD utility on a NI 9149 Expansion Chassis

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I doubt it, unless I'm mistaken it has no user-accessible file system. The only things you'd need to preserve are (a) the project file which contains the chassis configuration and (b) the FPGA code and/or bitfile deployed -- unless you're using scan engine, of course.

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Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I am unable to get the RAD utility to work on my 9147 expansion chassis. Any tips for getting this to work? I've tried multiple 9147s on multiple computers and networks.

(Now to hijack after resurrecting) I'd like to streamline the entire base software loading package, but I can deal with that if needed. The biggest benefit I've got here is the deployment of modules/channels/scales. I have located /var/local/natinst/deployfwk/config/variables.xml and it appears that this file (or perhaps all the files in this directory) contains the module deployment info. Does anyone know if it would be sufficient to update these files alone to update deployment of modules or scales?

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