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SubVI Not Looping - Simple Universal Instrument Tuner


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I'm using the subVI "String Selector.vi" to select the frequency I need to tune to. The "Instrument Tuner.vi" determines whether or not the instrument's frequency is sharp, flat, or in tune. When I run "string selector.vi" independently (in a while loop or running continuously), the output / "desired fundamental frequency" updates quickly and correctly. However, now that I am using it within the Instrument tuner VI, it does not update.

My goal is to get the "Desired Fundamental Frequency" to update if i click on a different instrument / string the same way it does when I click octave1, octave2, or octave3. Any ideas as to how i can get the desired fundamental frequency to update correctly?


instrument tuner.vi

String Selector.vi

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Well the string selectors listboxes of instrument tuner.vi (Cello Strings, Guitar Strings, and so on) are not related to the ones inside String Selector.vi at all... You need a way to pass their values to String Selector.vi otherwise String Selector.vi will keep using their default value (index 0).

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