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Echo detection for Ultrasonic wave

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Hello :D

I have simulated and ultrasonic wave and want to estimate the echo apparition by getting the pics and valleys and giving the time of apparition of a meaningfull pic of my echo. which itself represent the time of flight. knowing the time associated to my pics is my question.

Thank you very much for any Help!






pic detection and pic-time relation.vi

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A technique called "cepstral" analysis is often used to find echoes. I don't think LabVIEW has a cepstrum VI that comes with the standard analysis library but MATLAB does


There is cepstral analysis in the adavanced signal processing toolkit




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thank you for your answer. 

@MarkCG do you suggest me to use the matlab code in Labview ? 

I have read about it and it seem to be use for echo cancelation.

@Jordan Kuehn I have a similar question. The context is: I will like to estimate the time of apparition of and ultrasonic echo. 

I have used elements of your snippet. The "get a wave form subset" give a subset in a different timetable independent of the timetable of the main waveform, I could use it if it maintain the timetable of the main waveform.

the "seach waveform" search a given value and return the index I think. Any recomendation please ?



Inspired by Jordan Kuehn.vi

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