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Concerning bug(?) when retrieving control references from typedef

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I seem to have encountered a bug which could make a lot of my work less reliable. Could anyone shed light on this behavior?

I am attempting to obtain properties from controls within typedefs programatically, however the control/tabbing order set in the typedefs seems to be affecting the order in which the control references are obtained in an erratic manner.


I can produce two seemingly identical typedef clusters with the same control/tabbing orders displayed whose control references are not in order.

Please see the attached image.

puzzling control order behavior.png

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AllObjs[] uses the Z order, not the tabbing order. My understanding is that this is because it can include objects which can't be tabbed to, like decorations, so they're not part of the tabbing order. The same applies to SelectionList[] properties (although those also group items you selected together in a higher hierarchy).

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