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You need FPGA! ! !We can change it

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MangoTree technology can support any  Xilinx FPGA by LabVIEW , greatly speeding up the development of FPGA and reduce the difficulty of the development of FPGA

The technology has been monopolized by international giants for several years;

At the same time, we are now providing two products are Pocket-RIO and Atom-RIO to prove that the content can be achieved.

We have the ability to break the monopoly of technology, as well as the benefits of the technology to benefit more people.


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How do you address required run time licenses for LabVIEW RT and FPGA on your platforms? Are the run time licenses included or must they be purchased separately?

Also I don't see on NI's site where they list a deployment license for either of those products except when coupled with NI hardware, with the exception of RT on the PC (ETS targets running Pharlap).


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