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NI XNET CAN Devlopement on RT Target


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Hello All,

I am new to NI XNET and I have developed XNET CAN code on windows PC which works fine.

I want to develop same code on RT Target (PXI-RT)Can anybody tell me which are all steps/Process needs to follow to work on RT XNET?

Is anybody develop XNET CAN code on RT Target?

Is there any Link/topic available on internet which solve my problem?


Thanks in Advance.


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It's basically the same on both targets.  I've worked with XNet on PXI, and embedded cDAQ running the Linux RT OS and both work pretty well, with a few database functions not being supported.  The RT may have some more limited database functionality (like not allowing to import or export databases) but for the most part things just work the same.  These will return an error stating they aren't supported if this is the case.

One thing that might help make your development easier is to deploy the database to the RT target using the XNet Database Editor software.  From there go to File >> Manage Aliases, and here you can connect to a remote target (given an IP address) and then deploy a database from your host to your target.  I think you can also add a database if you have the XML file on the target and invoke the Add Alias function.  

After that just add your target in a LabVIEW project, connect to it, and  you should be able to run the VIs you already have written.

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