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Check if files in Project are Saved

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Sure there is. Use a property node on the VI reference and select Modifications >> VI Modifications Bitset

This is the description from the help:


Indicates whether changes were made to the block diagram since the VI was saved or opened, depending on which was last. If the value is zero, no changes were made. If the value is nonzero, changes were made.

Here is an example based on the VI from the topic you mentioned:

Find Unsaved VIs This Project (2015).png


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Controls and VIs work for me. Other items can be checked by first casting the generic project item to the desired type. Here is an example to check if the private data of a class changed. Other types can be added similarly:

Find Unsaved VIs This Project (2015).png

I searched a bit for libraries and the project file but couldn't come up with a solution. Any ideas?

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If you use the type filter on the Get All Descendants method you can get files of a particular type.  Library will find *.lvlib etc.

This should help with speed as you should not have to loop through every item, just the ones you are interested in.

As a side note i Remeber having to drop down to "My Computer" first although "Root" seems to be working for you also

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