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Accessing Microsoft Sharepoint with LabVIEW

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Can't find any recent topics about this subject or topics at all. My need is to read a list of measurement equipment data from Microsoft Sharepoint using LabVIEW. Only answers that I could find is that I would need to read the HTML code from the pages or just access some files that are stored in the sharepoint directories, but I think these files will not include the needed metadata for the measurement equipment, calibration dates etc. Is there any reasonable way to interact with sharepoint via LabVIEW or atleast to be able to read the data from sharepoint?

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On 5/30/2017 at 5:33 PM, smithd said:

Definitely! Accessing directly the Sharepoint SQL Server database is a deadly sin that puts your entire Sharepoint solution immediately into fully unsupported mode AFA Microsoft is concerned, even if you only do queries.

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