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how do you extract JSON boolean value

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I believe you want to wire the Get:Boolean to the output of the Get:from JSON rather than the Get:sub-Item with the way you have the name array wired.

The error is correct in that there is no Boolean in the JSON from the Get:sub-Item. A Boolean value in the JSON would be something like:

"MaximizeOnStart": false

I expect a value of [0] indicates a NULL rather than a logical 0.

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Hi Tim,

I tried to change the file input to 'false' instead of '0' and rewire the other wire that you pointed out but it is still the same problem.

When probing the JSON wire it says it is a JSON Object.lvclass ?  instead of Scalar?


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4 hours ago, dahlin said:

OK, when I compared to your JSON file I found the problem: I had written true or false with brackets like this [true] [false].

In JSON, square brackets represent arrays. So, this is an array that contains one Boolean element:



This is an array containing three Boolean elements:

[true, false, true]


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