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RTL SDR Beta Testers Required.

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I have a LabVIEW RTL SDR wrapper around the rtlsdr.dll that I've been using and want to release it into the wild.


Since I only have one device, I would appreciate it if others could try it with theirs. The state of the driver is final beta testing before release (RC1). Once I'm happy with it and proved it doesn't just work for me, it will be packaged and released (under BSD licence) so I'm looking for test pedants :D Since it isn't packaged, I'm looking for people that are  comfortable with using it from the project file and the IDE rather than from palettes and already have the rtlsdr and usb binaries. There is an example (shown above) so you should be up and running quickly.

If you have a RTL2838 based SDR and some time to run the example and report issues;. let me know and I'll see you get a copy.

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On 5/12/2019 at 2:23 PM, andywong said:

Seems an interesting project. Please post details. Thanks for sharing.

The software was never productionised and released due to lack of interest.

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