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.NET type conversions in LabVIEW

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You can't do that! Your LabVIEW code really is equivalent to this .Net code which will definitely throw an error!

int stringdata[] = {1, 2};
String string = new String(stringdata);
SqlString sql = (SqlString)string;       // throwing an error

and String is not an SqlString in a long shot and neither is an SqlString a String, as it does not inherit from String at all. It is its own object type.

Maybe .Net does some super magic behind the scenes and the C# code you wrote is valid but purely from a type compatible point of view reinterpreting the String object o as SqlString isn't a direct compatible conversion.

The proper code construct would be something along the lines of:

SqlString sql = new SqlString(o);

In LabVIEW use the SqlString contstructor that allows to pass in a String paremeter for the initialization.

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