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Read Holding registers of Radix x 72

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On 9/4/2018 at 10:52 PM, neethuvp said:

this also me who post it

Yes, and therefore it is courtesy to mention that you posted elsewhere as well. Not everyone frequents both sites and so it is helpful if they can look at the other post and see if the answer they have may already have been given there. Also in the future when someone has the same problem he may come across one post and only see what was answered here, while there might have been other helpful answers in the other thread.

You may feel that it is redundant to mention this and maybe counterproductive as people may be less inclined to answer your post if they know you posted elsewhere too, but believe me the people who are likely to answer you either here or on the NI forum will be not noobies who dismiss a post because it has been posted elsewhere, but will want to look at the other thread and if the information they have is not mentioned there, will gladly share it with you. But some of the really valuable posters might get annoyed at seeing the same question on different boards without any mentioning of crossposting and might decide to not bother about spending time to answer your problem even if they might have helpful information. After all we all do this on a volunteering base with no obligation other than goodwill to share the information we know with anyone on these fora.

If you don't get the answer you look for, it won't be because you mentioned that you had crossposted, but instead because nobody else who frequents any of these board has the answer or is not allowed to share it because of some NDA agreement. And yes there are manufacturers who believe that their product is so super special that nobody should be allowed to know how to communicate with it, and if they ever share any information with some specially valued customer, that they need to hold them at gunpoint with a lengthy legal document about sharing that super confidential information. Generally I think it hurts them more than anyone else, but it is their choice.

They seem to be based in India and don't mention any international sales or technical support offices, so it may be indeed hard to get any information from them if you are not located in India yourself. The site also looks kind of last century in some ways and they do seem to be secretive even about pricing information, so I'm not sure if it is the best supplier for such hardware. We have generally quite good experience with Watlow and Eurotherm devices and they are not difficult about sharing technical information about their products.

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