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XNodes: RemoveXNode method and ReplaceSelf ability

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The context help for the "RemoveXnode" method says "Removes the XNode from the diagram.  The contents of the diagram of the XNode are merged with the diagram"


However if you try it, it may or may not work.  That's because this method just calls the "ReplaceSelf" ability; so if an XNode doesn't have a "ReplaceSelf" ability, the "RemoveXnode" method will do nothing.

So if you want your XNode to work with the "RemoveXNode" method, you must create a "ReplaceSelf" ability.  Fortunately doing so is very trivial:  Your ReplaceSelf ability only has to call the "GenerateCode" Ability; like this:


Paul Cardinale

P.S. Note that the "ReplaceSelf" ability of some NI Xnodes doesn't work properly.  For instance if you call "RemoveXNode" on the "Match Regular Expression" function, it will make a mess, breaking the VI.

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