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Profibus +Profibus DP protocol

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I have to communicate to Parker Compax3 drive containing profibus dp protocol from my PC .If i have selected PCI Profibus card is it possible to communicate to drive.

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Which card is that? If you use one of the Comsoft (Kunbus) cards that NI resells, you should already have received a driver medium with it that you can install and will put the necessary LabVIEW VIs in the correct location for use in your program. If it is a different card you will first have to find out what LabVIEW support the manufacturer provides if any. For a Hilscher card there exist some community examples but Hilscher themselves doesn't seem to feel comfortable with LabVIEW. So you would end up having to interface their cifX DLL API through the use of LabVIEW Call Library Nodes. The mentioned community examples tend to be fairly badly working minimalistic examples without a proper implementation.

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