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Traffic Signal

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Hello sir! I'm a student! Can I ask?  How to create a Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Using LabView? Please can you give me the right design diagram using labview!. Just because we just need to this month. Hopefully you will help us!  Thank you so much.! 

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Hello sir! I'm a student, I just want you to help me about labview. The problem is, I do not know  How to create a Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Using Labview? Hopefully you will help us. Thank very much. 

Because I just need in this month. Please give me a answer.!:)


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You ate more likely to get help if you can describe' (or better still post) what you have tried to do so far. Also, your question is not well defined - are you supposed to interface with some hardware to detect the traffic. What is the desired response to detecting traffic -- signal traffic to go or to ensure tje traffic is stopped? Is this supposed to be controlling an intersection - if so how many ways? Do you have pedesyrian or cycle lanes? Does some traffic get priority? What is the maximum waiting time at a stop light?

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Your request is too vague.  Please provide more information as gb119 had stated, otherwise we won't be able (or willing) to help you. 

Your request reads like: "Hey, I want you to help me come up with a thing that does stuff for free by the end of the month.  Okay? Bye-bye!"

Otherwise, it seems like you're (vaguely) asking for either free labor or trying to get someone to complete a homework assignment for you.

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