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programmatically adding C-module to a chassis

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Hi all!

Does anyone know how one can programmatically add a given chassis to a target and fill it with a set of C-modules and FIFOs?

I attempt to programmatically create a bitfile for a target when I know the set of modules I want to install in e-rio based remote I/O system. I do have standardized vis for interfacing each module (via FIFOs).

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Thanks for reply.

However it's not that I want to detect actual layout. I have a textual description what modules should be at which slots from another team, and I would like to programmatically create a project and build a bitfile.

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After consultation with  @Steen Schmidt  I've learned that there is no API to do it, and the way to create a project including target consisting of few c-modules from limited poll would be by directly examine project's xml file.
I will go that way. 

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