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Change the 0 position on my graph (trigger position)

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Hi !

Even now i interface an oscilloscope virtualbench with Labview.

My trouble is to move the trigger position on my labview vi, whereas it's possible on the regular virtualbench soft.

I try to do horizontal offset on my vi, but impossible to view signal before 0.





Thank you




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You are setting your offset to 0.001 of a single sample. That's not going to be visible.

The top value in your clsuter is your offset (zero X value). The second top value is the time spacing between adjacent data points (not the entire length of the plot).

If you need 100 data points before the trigger, try

Top: 0.001, Middle 0.00001, Bottom, your data

You SHOULD use proper timing data.  If your data is recorded at 1MHz, the middle value should be 1/millionth in order to have your X-axis in seconds.

Please note this also only changes the DISPLAY of your data, it has nothing to do with the data's ACTUAL position relative to your trigger. You need to set up your acquisition properly in order to guarantee that.

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