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Problem with creation of files with a spacebar


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I have recently hit a peculiar issue when I was deploying a source distribution (SD) on a PXI Target running PharLap. The source of SD contained vis from NI's httpClient library,  so the SD itself contained (among many others) two files Get Lib.vi and GET.vi in one folder. 
Upon attempt to upload the SD to target via FTP, I have seen no errors no warnings, but trying to dynamically launch a file from SD that used httpClient resulted in thread stack overflow.  

By close inspection I have found out that I miss GET.vi file on the target. Moreover I was unable to upload this file by FTP.

Then I run code from snippet on the target can see Error 10 (duplicate path) appearing each time I want to create a file which name part matches "part before a spacebar" of existing file.

This  "feature" prevents me from using httpclient library on RT target, that I am heavily dependent upon.

Is there a way to overcome this problem ?



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