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Messenger Library LV2019 compatibility

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Since upgrading to LV 2019 I am seeing issues with an existing application running on a Linux based cRIO.  The deployment process itself seems to be much slower and 

this initial section of code is causing the cRIO to disconnect from the development system.


When the execution gets to the TCPEventMessenger Create subvi I get this popup and execution is aborted.


Any thoughts?

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That node starts the TCP Listener; can you try some simple example code that creates a TCP listener and see if it has the same issue?

Note: if you change the "TCP Listener"  Actor to non-reentrant and to open front panel, I think you can debug it on RT.

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Yes it appears to get hosed up inside the TCP Listener Actor.  The funny thing is that I can compile an exe and run on my cRIO just fine, it is only via the IDE that there is a problem.

This has been working with LV 2018 for many months without issue so it appears something has changed in LV2019.


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Did you try a non-Messenger Library TCP example to see if it has the same issue?

Another test would be to launch a basic actor (not the TCP communication ones) and see if that causes the same disconnect (if so it could by the ACBR stuff). 

Unfortunately I'm not on 2019 yet, so can't look into it.

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