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  1. I can only see a link to a request page, where only Pro users can make a request to presumably get older versions. There's no link to just get an older version that I can see.
  2. I just add my dlls to the LVClass that uses them, with the path to 32 or 64-bit dll generated in a Condition Disable. The EXE's then include both dlls automatically. See SQLite Library as an example.
  3. @kosist90 Here is a beta version, that you can test if you like: drjdpowell_lib_sqlite_labview- It's not implemented exactly the same way as your example, but it should work in the same places. See the example "SQLite Parameters in Execute".
  4. It's the difficulty in consuming text files with hundreds of thousands of log entries that makes me like a db.
  5. I have used Syslog on distributed systems. But this logger I use not for debugging during development, but for diagnosing issues in the field. So when someone says a customer reported a "strange problem" last week I can ask for the log file and see whatever was going on at that time.
  6. I have been reading various Git guides over the past couple of days, and am starting to get a grip on it. One of them mentioned the "most common way to get a detached HEAD", which I suspect has been both my and Neil's problem. That link is quite a good guide (there were other good once, but I've forgotten where that are). The key is to understand Git "branches", especially that they are not actually branches, just pointers to commits. Git is still overly complicated, though I can possibly see that the complexity is from supporting VERY large repos in projects like Linux. It is annoying that there is no obvious go-to UI for Git. The command line is poor UX. I made good progress having two UI (Gitkraken and TortoiseGit) open on the same repo at the same time and asking "why do i not see a comparable view". This allowed me to see where TortoiseGit had confusing default settings (in particular not ordering commits chronologically!). I am probably going to stick with TortoiseGit for now.
  7. Thanks. Issue 62: https://bitbucket.org/drjdpowell/jsontext/issues/62/jsontext-doesnt-apply-input-default-values Although, I'm not sure this is doable, as your default values are the default values of your on-diagram array constant, not part of the data. As that array is empty, I don't think I can access those default values inside a subVI. If you had passed a non-empty array with a default value as first element, then I could read that and use it as default.
  8. Noone, eh? Well, what do people use for logging in their applications? What is your go-to Logger?
  9. Ah, "Reflog". Another tool to fix the problems caused by the other tools.
  10. Doubtful. You went from Git from SVN, I'm coming from Hg. In Hg, if you want to go to an earlier commit, you just go to that commit. If you want to make changes, then you make a new branch coming off at that point. If you like those changes, you might merge that offshoot branch with the main one. I have yet to find anything in Git over Hg that is actually useful. I consider the possibility of losing committed work because I didn't realize I was in an "anonymous/unnamed branch" to be a strong negative.
  11. The "detached head" is a good example of the problems with git: confusing terminology for something that has no reason to exist. Why does it even allow commits not on any branch to exist as a possibility, let alone something that is easy to mistakenly do?
  12. The problems I've had have mostly been using SourceTree. I've started to just us TortoiseGit, but it is lacking compared with TortoiseHg that I used to use.
  13. I've switched to Git from Mercurial recently, and my opinion of it gets worse and worse. The number of times I've gotten stuck trying to figure out how Git got screwed up and how to fix things is way too high. Mercurial had similar issues when I first learned it, but it was an order of magnitude less than Git. Git seems to make the simple unnecessarily complicated and non-intuitive, with any step wrong leaving you in a position of not being able to fix things. with horrible gobbledygook error messages and blank stares on my part. So I must be doing something wrong. What should I read up on to make Git less crap?
  14. Does anyone use Cyth SQLite Logger? In particular, does anyone use it with Actor Framework or DQMH or similar frameworks. This logger was written by me years ago and I use it often, but in Messenger-Library based applications. I would like to know if it works properly in those frameworks. It should, I think, as they use similar Async-Called VIs as Messenger Library (Cyth SQLite Logger identifies the Async-running "actor" that makes a log entry and records it).
  15. Seems reasonable; added issue. https://bitbucket.org/drjdpowell/sqlite-labview/issues/6/add-a-execute-sql-1d-cluster-results Unfortunately, I've just released a new version, but it will go into next version.
  16. In an attempt to standardize my handling of formatting timestamps as text, I have added functions to "JDP Science Common Utilities" (a VI support package, on the Tools Network). This is used by SQLite Library (version just released) and JSONtext (next release), but they can also be used by themselves (LabVIEW 2013+). Follows RFC3339, and supports local-time offsets.
  17. Have a look at the latest version 1.11 release. It adds a "Parameters" input to "Execute", which accepts a cluster of parameters to Bind. The tool you want would use similar Variant techniques. Note, however, that using Variants adds possibly not-insignificant overhead to each row returned, as compared to getting a cluster using the lower-level API, so I would not recommend it where performance really matters.
  18. Do you not want to prepare a statement and build your clusters in a loop? Eventually, a VIM could do this in a single VI, but the library is currently in LabVIEW 2013 so no VIMs.
  19. I'm having trouble with VIPM 2020 (the one with the major redesign) . The problem is the main VIPM window doesn't show up on my Windows 7 virtual machine. I would like to downgrade to VIPM 2019, but I cannot find the installer for that anywhere.
  20. Interesting quote from the ex-NI person posting on Reddit:
  21. I've pointed out the sluggishness. It's actually the slowness of opening front panels and block diagrams and in opening right-click menus that is a bigger problem, IMO.
  22. That's more of a Source-Code-Control issue than multiple LabVIEW projects using common code. I have clients where there are multiple projects using common code, but all code is under a single repo. I'm not sure yet about NXG changes here. I have basically two types of reuse. VIPM packages developed usually on an earlier LabVIEW version and used across many projects at many customers (with the main ones being on the Tools Network), and customer common code shared by different sub-projects for a single customer.
  23. So... did anyone have a 1-on-1 interview with NI? I've spent some time with NXG over the last week and made multiple comments, though in a private NI forum so I can be completely honest. Can't tell if anyone from NI has read these comments.
  24. Tone of voice doesn't come through on the internet, X__. You need to be more clear or start using emojis 🙂 AQ, I'm thinking about the Project changes, as I had not appreciated how significant the change is.
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