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VI analyzer password issue

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Hey all, trying to run the VI analyzer on a big project. 


For some reason, my rio things there are passwords in place on some VI's

When working on the project and prompted for a password you just click enter with an empty password because there is none and off you go. 

However, the LV VI analyzer wont go through because of the password issue and you cant add or store a "blank" password to the analyzer?


Anyone with any ideas?

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47 minutes ago, rscott9399 said:

an empty password because there is none

would seem VI properties/protection "Locked (no password)".  Couldn't you just resave those VIs as "Not locked" before analysing?

This is a snippet I used sometimes to set/unset passwords programmatically for all VIs in a directory, if it helps.p.png.2a7dabc508b1f081184ec7291db6d7f4.png



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