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Ramp function in Veristand stimulus profile and wrong data type


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Hi all,

I'm a beginner with VS (Veristand), stimuls profile and real time seq.

I nedd to introduce in my test a ramp, I found a ramp under Real-Time Sequence Library->Waveforms folder.

The function required :

  1. RampOut—The variable to ramp from the InitialValue to the FinalValue.
  2. InitialValue—The starting value from which to start ramping.
  3. FinalValue—The ending value.
  4. Duration—The duration in seconds over which to ramp RampOut.

My RampOut parameters (Temp2) is a I32 and the ramp accept only double, so the editor generate an error :

 "The expression Temp2 in of type int32 but is passed a reference into a reference parameter of type Double in Ramp(Tem2,0,100,20). Reference parameters must match exactly"

How can 'cast' Temp2 in ramp function?


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