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This solved an issue of not knowing which additional dll's to include when building the exe. One dll may call a number of other dll's etc.

Used PowerShell & ran the following:



This neatly produces a list


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Neat trick but that's for .Net assemblies only and won't work for standard DLLs, will it?

I use Dependency Checker for that. It's an old tool that hasn't been updated to deal with some newer Windows features very well and gets somewhat confused about DLLs that are of different bitness than itself, but it is usually enough to see the non standard system DLLs and its dependencies. Anything like kernel32.dll etc you shouldn't have to worry about anyhow.

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On linux, you may just use ldd:

$ ldd my_binary

Or if the loader refuses to run it on current platform, but you still need to know:

$ readelf -d my_binary

For Windows - there are tons of "PE Viewers" and "PE Explorers" which lets you look at import table.


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