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  1. I've got a client that is being haunted with this as well. It's right up there with sand into the gearbox.
  2. https://www.motor1.com/news/597376/bmw-heated-seats-subscription/ but let's not let 'em get too many good ideas...madness abounds.
  3. Of course I get that you need an SSP, darn good thing I'm paid up until August...and I never got the media. Looks like somebody didn't tie their shoe laces.
  4. Now this is fun...anybody else tried to download a old version of LV that was used to develop projects and noticed that you can't actually download it any longer? I asked for a memory stick (hard copy) for 2021 but never got it. Looks like we may have paid for a perpetual license that we can't get access to download in the future.
  5. Previously the exe compiled just fine. Has anyone seen this missing dependency? Any ideas on how to track this down?
  6. Make it pretty, don't reinvent ugly. Getting colours that work together is not always an engineers' forte. Cheat! https://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2022-palette-exploration
  7. So folks...what about a Plan B? Python may have become a "fav" in some circles but having to dig for plugins is a pain at best and a disaster in the making if the code is anywhere near a regulated environment. Rolf nailed it with far too much code that just works but lacks architecture or isn't hardened. Choosing that one plugin could derail a project so fast if it needs to be rewritten. In the real world we need tools that we can rely on. Has anyone looked into Uno Platform or Avalonia? You'd think at this point and time one could build out projects that could easily port between Windows, Mac & Linux. Uno works off of C# & the .NET and thus caught my attention. Just re-reading the above pains me for all this superb community does. So many sharp minds here, something good will evolve!
  8. We ended up finding a relatively simple solution using command line calls from http://srecord.sourceforge.net/ At least there is source code if it is ever needed and it's compiled unlike the Python approach. For what we need the risks can be mitigated. Thanks everyone. It's just incredible to have such resources available. Kudos to all.
  9. Thanks Rolf, Sam. This certainly helps and the vi gives a lot of detailed insight. The validation is the rabbit hole. If I use the simple InteHex Python code, as there a way to "lock down" a Python module so the Python dev environment isn't available for someone to access?
  10. Appreciate that Neil! NI Support didn't find anything right away either.
  11. Hi everyone, After searching both forums I've not been able to source a way to easily create either file format. There are examples reading these files but not writing them. Segger simply gave the Python script below. Unfortunately we can't simply just install Python as this is in a regulated environment. So we're hoping for a native LabVIEW solution. Surely someone has done this before. It gets a bit complicated if we need to roll our own down to the bit level & then having to do a full validation on it. I'd really rather not go there. Thanks in advance! python script (the "intelhex" does the heavy lifting) from intelhex import IntelHex h = IntelHex(None) h[0x1000] = 0x12 h[0x1001] = 0x34 h[0x1002] = 0x56 h[0x1003] = 0x78 h.write_hex_file('patch.hex')
  12. I've automated https://www.gurock.com/testrail/ (owned by the same company as Ranorex). It was a few years ago so a few things might be better now. Wasn't a bad experience with the api and allowed the integration to jira. The prime area of interest for the client was the ability to combine different specifications for a product. ... there are a lot of different automation tool concepts.
  13. Just be really careful if you intend to used packed libraries. Start building the exe & ppls now. It is not trivial. It's of limited use if it can't be deployed. This is the best documentation I've found yet. Effectively_Using_Packed_Project_Libraries_SEPAD.pdf ‏2772 KB https://forums.ni.com/t5/NIWeek-Session-Content/Software-Engineering-Processes-Architecture-and-Design-nbsp/ta-p/3929895?profile.language=en
  14. The LV TLS examples led me astray with the X.509. Mind numbing indeed but the DUT firmware needs to be written over Bluetooth. And that I can understand needs to be secured being a med tech device. ...of course IT is all over this right from the get-go. So the real question is how to secure a BT connection with X.509? Or better yet, I'd like to provide the client with a solution that works on our end first.
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