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hello folks,

Currently i am trying to write some LabView Program for controlling Nanotec L2818S0604-T5X5  linear stepper motors via Canopen and trying to figure out some problems. I am using cRio 9024, Can Breakout box and NI 9881 to communicate with CANopen system. My LabVIEW version is 2015 and l uploaded all drivers that l need. If you have some VI. codes with regard to control stepper motor. Could you send me via mail? l am going to create syringe pump system  by using stepper motor. l`d like to control velocity,acceleration,cw,ccw,time. l would be very appreciated, if you could give some suggestions for solving my problems.

Hope the above helps, but please write me back if you are still having any question to understand the problem that l mentioned above.

Best Regards,

Hakan Demir

Friedrich Alexander Universität

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