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My post with scripting got removed from the NI for

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I posted some things on the forum about scripting  :oops: and they removed my post from the forum :angry: . I was just wandering if any of you all have had a post removed from there.



Why the frownies?... didn't you read the scripting FAQ on this website? NI is well within their rights to remove your post, and any other post they want to remove or censor that doesn't fit with their business model. Which is one of the perks of the LAVA forum... talk about whatever you please here. :gathering:

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Yes I did read it. I know it is not supported from NI. I was just wandering if anyone here has had something similar done to them from NI

I do admit that NI had full rights to give the post the boot. There has been a bunch of questions on the forum about this sort of thing and I was just trying to share what I knew. I thought I was doing a good thing.


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