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  1. I would have to say that I am not walled off because of LabVIEW. In fact it is because of LabVIEW that I am where I am today. Before i learned LabVIEW I was just an ordinary electronics technician. Then i learned LabVIEW and that sparked an interest in software development. Now I am pursuing my Master's in computer science. My Job pays a lot better than it did. I am proficient in many more programming languages and that has broadened my career extensively. When I am designing a test set or anything for that matter. I use the tool that is the best for the job. Is it ALWAYS an NI product, do I
  2. You could try using the command from the comand line of the PC/cRIO system you want to sysnc to. net time \\ip address of the one you want to sync with / set this is what we use to sync all our PC time together to one PC
  3. All of the above. I regularly attend\ help host the one in my area. I find it is a real good place to meet and network with people.
  4. I second that!!! Very nice and convenient to the conference
  5. My dream came true... I just go the Email telling me that I made LabVIEW Champion

    1. Grampa_of_Oliva_n_Eden
    2. Francois Normandin

      Francois Normandin

      Youhou! Will you drive to NI Week again this year?

  6. Norm, These are outstanding!!! What program did you use to make these. I have been wanting controls like this for such a long time, just never had the time to really learn how to make them. Any good tips. Saying hello from the south.
  7. got it on my calendar. Cant wait, see you then
  8. Homeschooling does ROCK. Where else can you take your kid to NI week and count it as a school activity. I would say that is the other way around. Meaning that i am blessed to be a Father of such a kid. He is so outgoing, talks to everyone, and learns everything that he can about everyone and everything he comes into contact with. i'm sure one day when he is using LV2020 he will be on here answering my questions about LV.
  9. I am homeschooling my kids as well. You can get a copy of the Student edition for homeschoolers, in fact NI encourages this. I teach a class to several homeschool kids. I talked to NI and with the help of my local rep, I was able to get some free copies of LVSE. granted they were LV8.2 but they were free. Here is a picture of my son with James Kring (He thinks James is a LV god) He wrote his first program when he was only 10 and his project for the class was to make a radar gun for hot wheels cars. We took a Hot wheels car ramp and some photo diodes (I think, its been a while) the kids had to
  10. Trying to get used to the time change.

  11. The best book to get for learning LabVIEW is: LabVIEW for Everyone, Third edition, written by James Kring and Jeffrey Travis James Kring is a regular here on LAVA and the owner of JKI. Which produces a very wonderful tool called VIPM.
  12. Man have been in your shoes before. It bites because you want to help people out and they take advantage of you. What you have to do is eventually let that person sink or swim so to speak. The best advice was given above. Let him struggle, or better yet make sure management sees him struggle. i really love the people I work with. Would do just about anything for them, but if they get to be LAZY and stop doing their own work and leaving me holding the bag. then you better believe that I will open my big mouth and say something to them or to management. Dont take on his work. You will regret it
  13. jhoskins


    This is my son Noah and James Kring. Noah loves to play around with LV and he wrote his first program when he was only 10 yrs old.
  14. I would strongly suggest that you learn LVOOP. Tomi Maila has some good examples on ExpressionFlow http://expressionflow.com/tag/oop/ Scripting is "cool" but OOP is more practical and beneficial to learn. just my 2 cents
  15. And I can say from experience from the class at NI Week. She is a very good. ROBOTS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe
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