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NI Cloud toolkit for Azure

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The question is about the NI Cloud Toolkit for Azure. 

To open an Azure session I use the VI Open Azure Session.viThe opening parameters consist of a Storage Account Name and an Access Key. For example : 

Storage Account Name: storidddev2223 

AccessKey: VjUz0XdYsr8e+B4Bxtabcdefghkly/123456778902345678923+NftIULBSk4skUA2U2i/Q==

This method works

We would like to change the identification method for a SAS Token. Is it possible with this toolkit?


We tried the following new form of Key Access: 

Storage Account Name: storidddev2223 


BlobEndpoint = https: //storidddev2223.blob.core.windows.net/; QueueEndpoint=https: //storidddev2223.queue.core.windows.net/; FileEndpoint=https://storidddev2223.file.core.windows.net/ ; TableEndpoint=https://storidddev2223.table.core.windows.net/; SharedAccessSignature=sv=2020-02-10&ss=bqt&srt=sco&sp=rwdlacupx&se=2022-03-31T17:31:16Z & st=2021-03-18T17:31:16Z&spr=https&sig=ABCDhijkRjYi7jCCoBBvYsSZ%2FlHAAAbEF9AXYZERbs%3D

What is the correct format?


Note that the storage account and access key names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.


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I was able to connect to an Azure IoT hub using a MQTT library and generating my own SAS token based on the following algorithm I found somewhere on a Microsoft site.



This is my implementation. I struggled a long time with this until I figured out the Base64 decoding and encoding and URI encoding.


For reference this is a typical SAS token (obviously URI and Key have been changed to protect my stuff)image.png.ed5588db0dff70333b828e7a660907c2.png


The SAS token is then used as the Password like this:




Please note I am definitely not an expert here, I figured this out on my own so it is possible I am doing something terribly wrong!

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