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  1. Hi Dasha, we have a special channel for user groups over on the Discord. Would you be able to post it there also? Here is an invite to the Discord if you are not already a member: https://discord.gg/sSMm42aYvW
  2. I am pretty sure Rolf knows it is not any kind of criticism.
  3. @Rolf Kalbermatter I know you did not mean this, but I love it!
  4. Sure I know this pattern well, just prefer to have a single "mailbox" type event inside my actors for messages into the actor. I don't want to deal with the drama and scripting just to be able to have different typed events. My layer above the variant is all typed, so I don't really have an issue with converting variants to their real types. But of course everyone must do whatever pleases them most. I have way that works for me, my team, and the kinds of things that we build, so have no need to make it more complicated.
  5. While I appreciate dynamic languages and the flexibility they offer I think this is pretty bold blanket statement and is totally context sensative. Would you want to write a driver for your GPU with a language that does not offer strict typing?
  6. I am not against your idea of adding a bit of love to the events implementation.
  7. Not for me though, my low level messaging uses events and that is just waaaaay to much drama to have separate events for every message. I wrap it up a layer with typedefs though, just the data is transported in a variant.
  8. yup, exactly how I do it too. For me the notifier has a variant data type so (unfortunately) needs to be cast back to real data when the return value comes
  9. I can completely believe that C++ graph. It is probably not marching to oblivion, but is surely marching to some low constant value. Very few greenfield applications are started in C++ (apart from some computer games using Unreal I suppose)
  10. @hooovahh this is literally perfect 🙂 (I see my rusty memory got the roles mixed up).
  11. There is a public (but not official NI) fix for this, but I have not tested it personally. https://github.com/illuminated-g/lv-2022-apply-icons
  12. Unfortunately this is a known issue with recent versions of LabVIEW and will only be patched in 2024 I think. I will try and dig up more infomation.
  13. This sounds like the perfect candiate for that meme of Orange County Choppers where the dad and the son are yelling at each other: Son: JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY Dad: ITS NOT PERFECT Son: NOBODY WILL GET TO SEE IT OTHERWISE Dad: I DONT CARE My 1 cents into the issue. The whole spirit of modern software dev is just to hang your dirty laundry out to dry for anyone to inspect. I think this is a change for the good. @ShaunR I think you have very little chance of finding someone to maintain (I presume) some very old code , in a state they have never seen, likely with heaps of strings attached, in a super niche area of interest.
  14. Take a look here: https://github.com/VITechnologies/RemoteLabVIEWInterface It works great! It uses JSON to pack up stuff from python and send over ZeroMQ.
  15. I am definitely not an expert on this kind of stuff, but I think you would first "create" a datastructure big enough to hold your image in LabVIEW. The type does not actually matter as long as it is big enough (1 byte * width * height) and then pass that into your DLL call as the first input parameter, followed obviously by the width and height. After the DLL call the data should now have been copied into that datastructure (i.e. the wire itself will have the image on it). I get easily confused with pointers to pointers, so might have this completely wrong. Sorry I have not explained this very well. Can you attach your DLL?
  16. I think there were 182. Everything was video recorded and after editing will be posted on YouTube. Expect something in about six weeks.
  17. ok, and what have you tried so far? What would your rough python code for this look like?
  18. @Samuel Molina most people here would absolutely love to help newcomers to the language, but few will actually do your homework for you. What have you tried so far? What are you trying to accomplish? I took a look at your VI but it does not really give any insight into what you are trying to do.
  19. WOW... I have not thought about Tucows in a veeeery long time. Good times 🙂
  20. @ShaunR and @dadreamer (and @Rolf Kalbermatter) how do you know so much about low level Windows stuff? Please never leave our commuity, you are not replaceable!
  21. Can you post your code?
  22. Yup, I was going to use those (no-ip if I recall correctly) but then we needed to introduce a PC and so my problem kinda went away.
  23. OK, this is what I remember. Hardware was something like this: cRIO Ethernet switch Industrial modem (Teltonika something... you put a SIM in and connect the ethernet to the switch) Security I just had to kinda figure out. I think I got it working in the end, check out this thread: The big question mark for me was how I was going to manage the cRIO remotely as my LTE connection could not guarantee a fixed IP address, so I had no simple way to connect to the cRIO after it had been deployed in the field. Finally we decided that we would actually need a PC anyway for something else, and the cRIO would be connected to that. The plan was to remote desktop into the PC and then connect to the cRIO that way, or get the dynamic IP address of the cRIO. Or maybe the idea was to the cRIO to broadcast somewhere its IP address. The project was put on ice and never deployed to the field, so I was not able to test these assumptions. People do get stuff like this to work, so I am sure somebody had a solution for these problems. Hope this helps!
  24. Sure, I will try and remember and type up something tomorrow. Before you get your hopes too high, I got things working ok with Azure IoT hub and Power BI, but it was never productionised.
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