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  1. Interesting! I never actually tested my assumption.
  2. Will be in the order you specify the channels, so 1,7,3,6
  3. You are trying to run before you can walk. Try and get something (anything!) to display on the 3d graph. Read some docs to understand how to use its API. Once you understand the data you need to pass into it you should be able to display something on it. Then you will need to figure out how to get the actual measurements/information you care about to be displayed.,
  4. Pasting this here for others to see in case they don't want to download the VI. OK, so it looks like you "just" need to update the graph now. What have you tried so far?
  5. What have you done so far?
  6. Hi Diac, What in particular do you need help with as you ask about how to implement the whole project! If you have something working with an ESP32 try and mimic the implemention in LabVIEW
  7. Hi @greatjames don't take this personally but are you are human? I really don't think it is appropriate for an LLM to generate content in response to advice on something as nuanced as a LabVIEW career.
  8. We do not have too many Chinese readers on this forum, so you will probably have more success if you try in English
  9. I have not used that Windows API before. Why don't you just resize the window to as big as the area you want to remain?
  10. This question can be interpreted a bunch of ways. Can you explain with a bit more detail? Maybe show us some pictures?
  11. Wow this thread is a blast from the past. I have actually used LapDog in a project many years ago! And Steve called it: I remember reading this thread and totally glossing over this idea, which I now 100% support.
  12. for what it is worth, we do this... I have a shallow-ish hierachacy somthing like ths: actor <-- device <-- type_of_device <-- concrete_implementation We have some scipting code to help us make a new instance of type_of_device <-- concrete_implementation I have a template with the last two in a .lvlib, and we clone them as needed to two brand new classes. To further complicate, our stuff is in PPLs.
  13. For your own long-term sanity, I do not recommend replacing any existing wires you have with a variant+attributes. Maybe I am misunderstanding your use case though...
  14. @Jerzy TarasiukI think what a few of us are saying is do you really need to script this code, or can you just make it once or twice manually for your use-cases and move on with life? It should be a pretty big red flag that after several decades of LabVIEW FPGA/RT nobody else has really done this.
  15. Probably not relevant, but the only time I ever managed to hard-crash (lock-up) a running cRIO was when I was using the (I forget the API exactly) API to set the RT clock. I was doing this once a second to keep some clocks sync'd and apparently the cRIO just didn't like it. This was so long ago I forgot how I figured out exactly what the problem was. I think there were some log files somewhere that *may* have had a tiny bit of useful info in them.
  16. Not sure I buy your logic, are you saying by keeping the refnum the old config API and the new one would be able to work together? ? Surely that would not have worked either. I cannot recall how the old API was implemented but I am guessing it was not the queue based one we have now (which I don't love either to be honest). Anyway, let's not lose too much energy arguing over something this old 🙂
  17. Hmm, I think being able to wire that INI refnum into any file API and not having LabVIEW moan at you is definitely a bug.
  18. oops, sounds like a 30 year old bug! I think I remember the Config API was re-written sometime around LV 8.0? (or is my memory faulty)
  19. Sorry I did not really offer any suggestions, I am not sure how to flush an ini file (never needed to). I normally close the file immediatley after modifying the contents.
  20. I am a litle surprised LabVIEW lets you wire this together, as the reference coming out of the Open Config Data is not actually a file reference it is a queue reference. So when you try and Flush you are passing in a Queue reference not a normal File reference, so this will not work.
  21. A few years ago I have managed to get RT installed on a regular PC. It seemed to work ok and did some simple tests using the network card, but never used it for anything serious/production, more just to see what was involved. I believe that doing this might be in violation of some licensing agreement.
  22. ah ok, that explains things. No there is no LAVA discord.
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