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  1. I especially like the bit where it locks up my PC so hard that even the mouse stops responding.
  2. that is nice but I found it way too heavyweight to use regularly. My debugger is built into my application and can be used even in the exe
  3. A simple way I have found which works quite nicely is to get the clone to register itself with some kind of repository (FGV). I then have another tool which reads from the list of running VIs and can do stuff like display status, open block diagrams etc.
  4. Have you tried GitKraken? I know every harps on about how the only way to use git is from the command line but I don't actually think that is a good way to get to know something as complicated as git. Sure, move onto to the command line but don't start there. Learning a new VCS should happen slowly and mostly painlessly, who has the time to spend getting intimately acquainted with a new tech that does not actually help get the bill-paying project out the door?
  5. Reg Event Callback is not the thing that waits, it is (as the name implies) merely the registration. It should return immediately. Did you create the callback VI?
  6. Totally long shot this, but could it be a path length issue? I have not tried to do what you are trying to do, but have in the past seen builds sporadically fail due to the length of the path of some VI exceeding the windows limit of 260 characters (or something like that). As soon as I tried to build into something like c:\temp the problem wen away! This was years ago I have to say, and in more recent versions of Windows it is possible to work around this with a small change to the registry.
  7. Cannot physically connect it to your PC, cannot get an image out of it? What have you tried? I presume you have some sort of firewire interface care or framegrabber in your PC? For me, before I even reach for LabVIEW I make sure the camera works properly in MAX. Have you gotten that far?
  8. For what it is worth, the performance of regular DMA FIFOs is quite impressive. Recently I worked with a VST and had multiple channels at 120 MHz data rate and I was able to read these from the FPGA, do some processing and stream continuously to a RAID array at the full rate.
  9. Yes I probably should have used that. Instead it was not too tricky to just read it from the OS directly (at least the easy ones like memory and disk usage)
  10. hmm, that is not my experience with GitKraken. I could work without creating a branch and it would just tell me that I needed to commit the submodule changes. I did get the detatched head a few times though.
  11. I have found submodule interation in GirKraken pretty self-explanatory actually. I have of course managed to screw things up a few times but have so far been able to recover my mistakes.
  12. I have started to experiment with them a few months ago. I have a new RT actor framework I am developing that I include as a submodule in the project that is consuming it. So far so good, but it is only a single developer single project.
  13. @Rolf Kalbermatter it was a few years ago now, but if I recall correctly it was a known issue that requesting a fixed number of elements from a DMA buffer caused the CPU to poll unnecessarily fast while it was waiting for those elements to arrive. I will see if I can find the KB. https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000P9SASA0&l=en-US That is specifically for RT but I have definitely seen this on Windows and FPGA also.
  14. Learned something today. I had an error with some software that relies on a command being called through a batch file. My code that has worked for years was all of a sudden failing. After a bit of digging I noticed my user has some French characters in their surname, so the path to the temporary files I was generating had these non-ASCII characters in it! If I ran my batch file from CMD.exe Windows was replacing the French character with multiple ASCII characters which is obviously not going to work. The simple solution is to change the active code page to 65001 which is UTF-8. (See:
  15. I am not sure I follow you. Are you saying an absolute path on RT does not work when trying to load the class from disk? Can you not load the class from the /C/ or similar? That seems weird!
  16. Thanks. I am not a huge fan of this as I would prefer my code to run as similar to the exe as possible. Changing this could mask race conditions which are really hard to debug in an exe if they happen.
  17. Sounds interesting. Sorry I have never tried to dynamically load classes in RT, I have enough trouble these days just getting normal code to deploy without stupid un-explainable errors in LabVIEW. For some reason my RT VM is not cooperating and I cannot copy any files across to test. Have you tried to load a very simple class? I presume you have some kind of HAL with inheritance? Maybe the error is because it is missing some dependencies? (I know error 7 is missing file though, as you mentioned). Have you tried loading the class with the 0x10 option?
  18. I have never actually tried to use the factory pattern on a cRIO. So much trouble getting it to work properly just under Windows I have never been brave enough. Do you absolutely have to do runtime instantiation using names? Have you tried a static VI reference?
  19. I am a bit confused. You said you saved the classes to: /home/lvuser/natinst/bin/Host_Class but then you tried to load them from /home/lvuser/natinst/LabVIEW Data/Host_Class/Accelerometer/Accelerometer.lvclass These directories are different...
  20. I used Crashplan for years (paid version, got a good deal for a 5 year offer) and it was pretty good for a while but seemed to stagnate a bit. Never needed to do a restore though. Now I use Google sync and just pay a bit for 2 TB or so of space. I am paranoid to not have my backup to the same physical location as my PC. Here in South Africa houses get broken into and robbed of all their stuff with enough regularity to make me very nervous to do this! I do have a NAS which I manually back up to from time to time when I can remember to, FreeFileSync is a really great tool. I think
  21. on that note, stumbled upon this last night...
  22. And it is working! Thanks @Darren
  23. @gb119 I am trying to use your HMAC - SHA256 to generate a token to allow me access to an Azure Iot hub. I have a snippet of c# code that works fine and I am trying to translate into LabVIEW but not having much luck. I don't really understand the HMAC stuff properly. Are all SHA256 HMAC implementations the same? The LabVIEW code above is mostly correct, the decoding of the URI is not quite the same but I manually change this to match the c# code. I have verified that stringToSign is identical in both implementations, so something is happening after this. The s
  24. Another weird thing. When I close a project it often does not close the open VIs that are part of the project! Maybe my installation is just busticated.
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