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Remote system image creation error and files that are unable to be coppied/removed


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Hi everyone.

I'm writing an Utility to retrieve image from Remote RT PXI system under PharLap 15 and RealTime 15. I use Create System Image.vi for that. During the execution this vi returns an error with code -2147220331 and description that some files on remote system might be corrupted. I desided to find out what is wrong with files and what are this files.

So I have "config3.mxs", "config3.mxs.jnl" and "RT" (with no extension).

What kind of problem is this?

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I found out, that the point is I have no (!) permission as admin to modify this file.

Restart into install mode allowed me access to modify "config3.mxs" and "config3.mxs.jnl".

But I still have no access to RT file.

Permissions for it are rw-rw-rw. They are not able to be modified, file can't be replaced with application executed on target device or by ftp.

What's wrong with it?

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