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Does Anyone Know Whatever Became of Calbay Systems' "iVVivi" Software?

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At my previous employer, we had updated a couple of our test systems to Calbay Systems' "iVVivi" software.  I had spent a lot of time with it and recently got to wondering whatever happened to it.

When Calbay Systems was acquired by Averna, iVVivi seemed to disappear.  It makes me feel bad for those at my previous employer who are now stuck with using a test executive software for which they may no longer have support. 

I know that we have some Averna employees in the forum, and I'm hoping someone may be able to shed some light on what became of it - including someone who helped us with our implementation of iVVivi (though I haven't seen him on the forums in many moons).

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Hi Bryan,

Indeed, Averna acquired Calbay System and yes iVVivi did not make it to the web site.

Even though iVVivi is no longer a product that we maintain on a regular basis, we still have the product and people from Calbay are still working with us.


If you are reaching for support, you can always contact Averna support through: https://www.averna.com/en/customer-support/

If you are interested in findings other products that we do support actively, you can always reach out to me personally.


Erik Jette
Product Line Manager


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Thanks for the info!  I don't currently work at that company or with iVVivi anymore, so my question was more of a "what became of it" post than anything.  While I was there, we had selected it over TestStand because of the built in HAL and simplicity in test development. 

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For the "what became of it", Averna has another product that offers similar features from an operator point of view called Test Plan Editor. An operator could build new recipe or test scenario without any LabView or TestStand programming knowledge. An operator can edit or create new test relying on reusable blocks in a simple UI.

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