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machine vision application

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Hi There,

I am working on a LabVIEW project which is a machine vision application
I used a tab control  (3 pages).
1st page for the login interface ( press login button to go next page)
the second page is where I have to select the server ( image processing (page 3) ) and client ( another vi  receive data from the server via TCP/IP (localhost))
page 3 as I said  contains image processing
so my problem is when I open the client I can't use it until I close the first app
maybe the images will clarify better







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6 hours ago, Francois Normandin said:

Hi Makrem, 

my guess is that your top-most VI is set to be "modal".

To change the behavior, go to the VI's properties and chose "Windows Appearance". Then select the "default" behavior. 

 thank you sir this is very helpful

the problem solved 

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