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Right click handling returns 2 references for item inside a cluster

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I'm working on a right click plugin but am running into an issue with grabbing the reference to only 1 item inside a cluster (can be front panel or block diagram constant).  If I right click a single item inside a cluster, the right click 'Affected Items' returns 2 references: the reference to the item I selected as well as the parent cluster. 

However, if I multi-select 2 (or more) items, I do not get the parent cluster reference returned.  It could be two items within a single cluster, or any two items at all.  'Affected Items' returns only 2 references.  Best I can tell, it's impossible to identify when only a single cluster item was selected for right click manipulation.   

Bug, or am I missing something?  LabVIEW 2019.

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