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  1. No errors when running version 1.10.6. I am running my main actor directly, so I'll keep the renaming solution in my back pocket if I see the issue pop up again. Thanks for your help.
  2. When updating Messenger Library from version1.8.3.82 to version, my application throws this error: Looking at the code I see the change that was made and comments pointing to here to explain the change: https://labviewcoder.com/2016/07/06/quick-tip-asynchronously-launching-vis-the-right-way/ If I change Dynamic Launch Shell.vi on the block diagram back to a strictly typed VI reference, the error goes away. What's gone wrong? The library has made my application development much easier, but I don't understand things well enough when an issue like this comes up. For now my solution is to backdate the library to the previous version, but I'd like to understand what's happening.
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