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Help us make our LabVIEW motion controller better! (and get a chance for free Starbucks, on me)

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Hi folks,

Long time reader, 1st time poster (old account got deleted?  couldn't recover it)

LabVIEW and coffee?  Heck yeah, any day.  You'll see my spaghetti code come to life. 😄  No, but seriously ...

I've always been a big fan of LabVIEW, and ever since NI discontinued their motion offerings, I was really sad for a while.  (Maybe because motion was also my specialty as a systems engineer at NI. 🙁)  Back in the day, NI had great motion products that worked well with LabVIEW.  They worked great for pick-and-place systems, automatic positioning, test systems where you need to move the DUT or sensor around, etc.

Well, now I left NI, and being located in Taiwan, this give us an advantage for sourcing various electronics and embedded systems.  My partners and I started TENET Technologies this year, and I pitched to them and said ... you know what?  What if we made a motion controller for LabVIEW users?  I'm reluctant to believe that, just because NI has forfeited this market, that LabVIEW users don't need motion controllers anymore.  Without NI's solution, users are burdened with having to risk compatibility issues with other motion controllers, AND also have to deal with APIs that look like dismissive afterthoughts.  I've researched many different APIs from 3rd party vendors, and usually they look something like this:


Uggh, yuck.  This really defeats the purpose of using LabVIEW, by having an ill-defined API.  We couldn't stand it anymore.  With TENET GECO Motion, we set out to make motion control a first class citizen in LabVIEW once more.  See our solution here: https://promo.tenet-tech.co/motion

So recently we just released our first version, and we're continuously looking for feedback to make it better.  I'm running a survey to get feedback for your needs and wishes in a motion controller for LabVIEW.  We can't get to everything right away, but feedback from the LabVIEW community would be SUPER helpful.  Survey is linked here: https://forms.gle/Zz31RcsaX5keS4Pg9

 As a token of appreciation, I'll be giving out Starbucks $10USD gift cards to 5 lucky winners.  Survey ends by the end of this week, hope to hear from you! 🙏

-John Wu

TENET Technologies

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