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List of open windows in LabView

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Is there a way to reverse the way the hierarchy is displayed in the list of open windows. I have a problem called dyslexia and I spend too much time looking for the right window because the list starts with the class name and then the name of the VI.  In this case, where there is only one layer I already have a problem. 
For me, ideally it would show "cytometer processing 3.vi" and then the class information.  


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In the Window menu on the LabVIEW toolbar there is an "All Windows" [last] choice (CTRL+SHIFT+W) that pops up a dialogue which you can sort.

There is also a VI hierarchy and Class hierarchy graphical representation of  VI's that are in memory that are accessible from the "View" menu in the toolbar. That may be easier for you if you are familiar with the hierarchies and the project is not too large (also highlights the importance of VI icons).

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