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Using LabVIEW with LINX to control a Raspberry Pi


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Does anyone have any experience with using LabVIEW with LINX to control a Raspberry Pi?  I'd like to understand how to write LabVIEW code to control devices on the I2C or SPI bus.  I can successfully run LabVIEW code deployed to the Raspberry Pi to control the GPIO digital I/O pins but would also like to write code to control an A/D converter chip.

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15 hours ago, Oprea said:

Hi, Jordan.  Do you (or anyone else) know of any additional LabVIEW LINX libraries for Raspberry Pi?  I'm looking for as many different hardware drivers that I can find.

This website is old, but has some information.


You might also find some useful things here:


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4 minutes ago, Oprea said:

Can LabVIEW (via LINX) put data on the virtual front panel of a Raspberry Pi so that an app such as VNC Viewer can see it remotely using any laptop?

No. But you could host a web app and then view it from within the pi in a browser. Here is an example application you may be able to use for inspiration. Credit Sam Sharp I think. 


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Once a LabVIEW application is running (via LINX) in a Raspberry Pi and the application's LabVIEW front panel is actively running on my laptop, if I break the connection between my laptop and the Pi, is there a way to restore the connection without having to re-download to the target my entire LabVIEW code again?

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