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Package Manager / Builder - combine feeds

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Hey guys...


I have played around with package manager/builder in the last few days... it seems that this thing is not completely easy going as I thought it was - or I am just too stupid to use...

so what I want:

I have a network drive with folders where I store NI Installers/feeds/pools and other .nipkgs/feeds

I want to create "station specific" feeds out of these packages.


Easiest way I found out to create such a feed was to do it via command line?

I did something like:

nipkg feed-create C:\temp\TestStation P:\driverX
nipkg feed-create --append C:\temp\TestStation P:\driverY


What I did not find is a possibility to like concatenate different Package-Feed-Files.

For example the NI drivers and so on always have a Feed file in there installers, wouldn't it be nice to just select these files instead of all the .nipkgs in the pool folder?

Would make the new Package-feed-file much more readable if the would only contain references to other feed files, at least in my head...


thanks in advance




had another idea:

I could create an installer which installs Package Manager with a few tweaks by just adding the network package feed files to the recognized feed paths?



Or does someone else have some good idea to setup production stations with defined runtimes/test setups AND also developing stations with defined versions?

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