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Labview OpenCV interface: passing array of images

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Currently I am trying to build an interface between OpenCV C++ and LabVIEW, which I call through the call library function node. To start of I have installed the provided labview OpenCV utilities package, which includes c++ development tools for type conversion/wrapper for NIImage/cv::Mat. See my code bellow:


A single image (NIImage) is constructed from an "NIImageHandle" and an array in constructed from an "NIArrayHandle". In my test case I am sending the same image control as an "NIImageHandle" and contained in an array which is passed using the "NIArrayHandle". See my labview bd:


When running the vi the code has no problem constructing an "NIImage" from a single "NIImageHandle", but when constructing an "NIImage" from an image contained in an array which is passed as an "NIArrayHandle" I cannot seem to get a valid image. Some data is written to a text file to try and clarify what is happening inside the code:


I don't know if the Lava or labview forum is the right place to look for help, but that's my best guess. Is there a way I can get the image handle of images in LabVIEW, are there better solutions or is there even a solution? In case of the provided LabVIEW OpenCV C++ development tools the "NIImageHandle" is a private member variable of the "NIImage" class, but I made it public to see what is happening. So maybe the image handle of an imaq image is also private in LabVIEW.

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Your image source is U8 grayscale, your destination is floating point double. Are you sure this is correct? Also, try using a different image other than one from the stack - pass another NIIMAGE to calibrate_response. I think you are overwriting the 1st image in the stack.

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