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Change NI-VISA version on Remote PXI System

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I have a remote PXI system and I have configured it in NI-MAX. After that I can see NI-VISA version on remote system is 21.5 but on Host computer it is 20.0. As I am using LabVIEW 2017 , I have to downgrade NI-VISA version from remote system. I am not able to find any document on this problem. Can you please let me know how can I do it.

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Why do you think you need to downgrade NI-VISA? Does something not work? Have you tried anything?

While you indeed usually need to have a NI driver version that is not more than 3 years higher than the LabVIEW IDE you are using, that is somewhat less of a program for NI-VISA. First most NI VISA functionality in LabVIEW is built in, so there are not a lot of VIs that an NI VISA installer could add to your LabVIEW installation. Maybe the example VIs, but I'm not even sure about that.

Second, the NI-VISA API itself has been very stable over many years and there is little reason to believe that you would run into compatibility issues with a bigger version difference.

Basically on the development system where you run the LabVIEW IDE, you should make sure that the versions do not differ to much, but on remote systems where you only intend to execute built applications, almost every version of VISA would work, but it is always a good idea to use at least the same version or newer as you used to develop/built your program.

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I have NI PCIe 6323 card installed on remote system. But In NI-MAX there is a red cross beside that and the reason its showing is that version mismatch. but currently DAQmx driver version is 19.1 for both HOST and REMOTE system still I am facing same problem. I Reset NI MAX configuration data as well. That is the reason I trying to keep all drivers in a same version. Here I am attaching the screenshots of my issues. I request to have a look on it and please let me know the issue.


Screenshot 2023-07-26 154500.jpg

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