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reading from .dbc files


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I am assuming you mean the .dbc file assocated with CAN traffic. This is the Vector CAN message traffic database file. It defines the CAN message identifiers, repition rates, and data variables. If you go to the Vector website you can learn more. <www.vector-informatik.de>

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Check out this site at NI

Synchronizing CAN and Anaolog Signals...

If you don't like the way there doing it you could always do what I did and extract the information from the *.dbc file like I did. You need to import it as text, figure out how its constructed and then build it into a useful cluster or something.

I've included some of the work I did on this. I only read from the CAN bus so I did not extract the information from the *.dbc on writting to the CAN bus.

I also created my own buffer so I can easily extract the data.

Sorry some of the code is sloppy. This is an old development example. I never really meant for it last longer than that.

Also please be offer feadback. Be brutal. Thats the best way to learn. And if you make any improvements I'd love to see them.


Download File:post-3219-1129260176.zip

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