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  1. QUOTE(vronto31 @ Jan 31 2008, 01:43 PM) Another option is to use OPC. I know SAP supports at least the OPC-DA interface. Google it. -Khalid
  2. QUOTE(psiam @ Feb 23 2008, 03:02 AM) Not exactly sure what you mean by a "UI" page. If you mean a web page, you can use the DataSocket VIs passsing it the URL. The output string will be the source code of the web page. Regards, -Khalid
  3. Hi Marius, I must commend your willingness to learn. Here are some basic resources for learning LabVIEW: http://www.ni.com/academic/lv_training/how_learn_lv.htm http://forums.lavag.org/knowledgebase.html&showarticle=3 After this, you will want to pick up a good book, like Jim Kring's LabVIEW for Everyone. Of course, monitoring these forums and participating in the discussions is invaluable as well. Good luck! -Khalid
  4. Khalid


    OK, now I am curious.. -Khalid
  5. Khalid

    Hello LAVA

    Welcome Mike! It's a small world indeed... see you around -Khalid
  6. Marius, You should look at the Event Structure in LabVIEW, and use that instead of the While Loop. With the current implementation you are polling the Save and Load buttons all the time in the While loop. With Event Structure you would get an event whenever any of these button's values change (after you set it up that way). Plus, with your Vb background, you will like Events As for passing the array reference into the subVI and then using a Property Node, I guess it can be considered similar to using a pointer. But, you don't want to do that in LabVIEW unless you have a good reason.
  7. To get the output from a subVI into its caller VI, the most staright-forward option is to create an output terminal on the subVI, and use that in the caller VI. Hope this helps. -Khalid
  8. Hello, Are you talking about Siemens' HMI software WinCC? If yes, how does LabVIEW fit in the picture? If not, what is this Wincc? Please provide more details. Thank you, -Khalid
  9. Hi Marius, I looked at the VIs. I am not sure what the task is. May be you can describe what you are trying to achieve, i.e, the functionality desired -- without going into the implementation details. This should help us program it. Regards, -Khalid
  10. Hello Harry, Looking at the manual briefly, it doesn't list the Modbus addresses for the parameters explicitly anywhere. However, sections 5.4 and 5.5 do list some examples. In these sections, the register addresses are specified in paranthesis. You will want to contact the device manufacturer to get a complete of Modbus register addresses. Gut gl
  11. Not exactly what we want, but the following runs the IE in LabVIEW's ActiveX container and then gets the screenshot: Regards, -Khalid
  12. It depends on the communication protocol the PLCs use. Please find out the exact communication protocols the PLCs use. We can then discuss the options available for communicating with LabVIEW. -Khalid
  13. I am guessing you would like to communicate with the two PLCs using LabVIEW. Please write in detail as to what exactly you are trying to accomplish. The Delta PLC uses the Modbus protocol as per the attachment. And I am again guessing -- based on your previous posts -- you have been able to communicate with it. What communication protocol does the Omron PLC use? Alternatively, does it come with an OPC Server? Also, please share any details and VIs that you have tried so far. Regards, -Khalid
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    STA 300 ,

    So, did you try the example from Keithley's website? What errors are you getting, if any? Regards, -Khalid
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    Hi folks

    Welcome Santosh. How is LabVIEW in India? Quite popular -- at least in the Universities? Regards, -Khalid
  16. Khalid

    STA 300 ,

    Hi, What Keithley KPCI board are you using? Did you check Keithley's website for example VIs? -Khalid
  17. Alameer, That article is for LabVIEW 8.x. You are using LabVIEW 7.1, right? In which case, you will need the Professional version. Check under your Tools menu -- do you see a "Build Application.." item? -Khalid
  18. The wallpaper (eventually) has to be a BMP. When you are manually setting a JPEG, for example, as your wallpaper, Windows actually makes a copy of this to a BMP format and uses that for the wallpaper. Check out the 'Wallpaper' and 'ConvertedWallpaper' regisrty entries under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop. Regards, -Khalid
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    BBC and other media will very likely spell LabVIEW as Labview. The following is my recent (and true!) correspondence with BBC on a similar issue: --- NewsOnline Complaints <newsonline.complaints@bbc.co.uk> wrote: > Subject: RE: Feedback [NewsWatch] > Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 17:03:36 +0100 > From: "NewsOnline Complaints" > <newsonline.complaints@bbc.co.uk> > To: <[removed to avoid spam]> > > Thank you for your email. > > It is the style of BBC News Online to spell all acronyms that > are read > like a word (Unesco, Aids, Nato and
  20. Alameer, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I looked at your DeltaPLC protocol. It uses the ASCII mode of the Modbus protocol. Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have a Modbus-ASCII device to test this. But, you can try using the 'MB Serial Master Query.vi' and changing the mode to ASCII. You can add the 'MB Serial Init.vi' to this with your Serial settings. If successful, you should see the data in the Modbus Data Unit Out cluster. Hope this gets you started at least. Regards, -Khalid PS: By the way, I tried running the Master and Slave examples included in the libra
  21. If you don't mind waiting a few days, I can take a look at the protocol you attached and provide some suggestions, hopefully -Khalid
  22. Khalid

    Emitting a LED

    MAX is short for Measurement and Automation eXplorer -- National Instruments' hardware configuration software. You would use this to configure your hardware boards and devices. Who makes this JPCI 3100? Do they have VIs for it? -Khalid
  23. Khalid

    Emitting a LED

    What card are you using? I am guessing it is some kind of a DO card. Is it supported by LabVIEW/NIDAQ? Can you test it under MAX? Thanks, -Khalid
  24. You're very welcome. The NI Modbus library has support for both Serial and Ethernet Modbus. From your first post it appears you wil be using the Serial mode. So, start by trying out the MB Serial Example Master.vi and MB Serial Example Slave.vi first. You could use two computers -- one as Master another as Slave, or use a null-modem cable to loop from one COM port to another on the same PC. Your goal should be to communicate between the Example Slave and Master VIs. Once you have this working, replace the Example Slave VI with your PLC. Feel free to post any questions you may have.
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